Immunocal Provides the Building Blocks Needed to Boost Levels of Glutathione

Immunocal Provides the Building Blocks Needed to Boost Levels of Glutathione

– So You can Optimize Your Dog’s Immune System
and Improve His Health

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Immunocal is an all-natural, non-denatured whey protein concentrate, created by the medical experts at Immunotec.

Now, this is not your run-of-the-mill whey protein powder. It delivers cysteine molecules that are double-bonded – enabling them to safely travel through your dog’s digestive system and be readily absorbed into his blood stream.

This naturally boosts glutathione levels and allows the immune system works better. And that helps your dog’s body to heal.

The Best Part Is…
Immunocal Has Been Proven to Work

The experts at Immunotec have put Immunocal through the wringer.

In fact, they put it through the same rigorous testing as prescription drugs – spending a staggering $100 million on research and development. The results of the clinical trials were published in 36 esteemed medical journals. And they were nothing less than impressive…

Three scientists working

=> In a study conducted at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, cancer patients taking Immunocal experienced stabilization and even reduction of tumors. Plus, Immunocal helped make tumors more vulnerable to chemotherapy.

=> Studies at The Montreal General Hospital and McGill University in Montreal, Canada found that mice fed Immunocal experienced far less chemically- induced tumors… exhibited significantly increased muscular performance… and had a five times greater immune response than the mice fed the placebo.

=> And other studies showed it extended the life of mice and lab rats by an impressive 30 to 50 percent.

Immunocal is Respected by Doctors
and Scientists the World Over

Immunocal is protected by 77 patents world-wide and is listed in the U.S. Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) and the Pharmacist’s Red Book.

It’s the only natural protein known to mankind that can boost glutathione levels in the body – and optimize your dog’s immune system, as the result.

Immunocal was originally developed with people in mind, but it has been proven to help animals too. But please realize… Immunocal itself does not heal any disease. It simply boosts glutathione levels, so the immune system can function properly. And that gives your canine friend …

=> Stronger immune defenses…

=> More free radical-fighting power…

=> Better elimination of dangerous pollutants and toxins…

=> More energy…

=> Increased ability to heal…

=> And improved overall health!

Immunocal Gives a Sick Dog
A New Lease on Life

Immunocal didn’t just perform well in laboratories. Dog owners across Canada and the United States have given this supplement to their pets – with amazing results…

“It’s a Real Life Saver”

yellow Retriever Labrador dog

“About five months ago, my five-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever Max became ill. He grew progressively listless, refusing to eat and/or play with the children or us. He was coughing and choking four to five times an hour. This was totally uncharacteristic of a very active and most of the time ‘hungry dog.’

“We took him to our veterinarian and he was put on antibiotics, with no results. On August 14th, an Xray was done and we were dismayed to learn that Max was loaded with cancer – particularly in the area of his lungs. There were two large tumors wrapped around the bronchials that were pinching off his esophagus. The vet said that he would likely have only a few short painful weeks to live.

“We told the Vet about Immunocal and we were amazed that he knew about glutathione. He said that if we had something that could raise glutathione levels then, by all means, use it.

“That was over three and a half months ago and we are happy to say that Max is still with us and with much improved health. His constant coughing and choking have completely stopped; he has gained back the 12 lbs. of weight that he had lost and we have noticed a marked increase in his energy level and appetite. Numerous friends have commented on the fact that Max appears much better and is still around instead of being dead, which of course is where he was supposed to be. On Thursday, November 19th we took Max back to the vet and he was truly amazed. He accused us of bringing in a different dog! He said that all the congestion that he heard in his heart and lungs before are completely gone.

“We have done nothing else other than give Max this Whey protein immune system booster called Immunocal. To say that we recommend this product would be an understatement.”

–Tony L., Ojai, California

“Seizures Gone and More!”

Young girl and her dog walking on the forest

“My Golden Lab had developed epileptic seizures. He would have 2-3 attacks a month. When I took him to the Vet, he said that the only thing he could do was prescribe him medications. But he said that my Lab would be constantly doped up with these meds. And, further, once you put the dog on these drugs you had to keep him on the medication.

“I decided that I would not go the drug route. I had been taking Immunocal myself, and I decided to try it for my dog. The seizures began to become less frequent. After a few months, he had only one seizure every 3 months. After a year on Immunocal, he never had another seizure and he lived until he was 14 years old.

“My neighbor’s sister is a well-known homeopath in Quebec. Her Rottweiler had a very bad infection, which was even affecting his muscles and his ability to walk. Of course, she tried all the homeopathic remedies for her dog, to no avail. Next, she went to a traditional vet and tried the medication he prescribed. Nothing helped. I suggested Immunocal to her and she put her Rottweiler on it. The dog recovered – the infection is completely gone. He has no limp and his muscles are strong!

“I have even given Immunocal to CHICKENS!”

–Patricia K., Ottawa, Ontario

“Open Wound Healed!”

“My neighbor was not able to take her dog to the vet for the open wound on its side. So she started giving the dog Immunocal.

“After two weeks, the wound had healed from the size of peach pit to that of a pencil eraser. It was no longer open but dry and closed up. Today it is gone.”

–Cathy Waite

That’s just a taste of the health miracles you could see when Immunocal increases the glutathione levels in your dog’s body and helps his immune system work better.

Feeding Immunocal to Your Dog
Is a Piece of Cake

Immunocal is a fine whey protein powder that mixes easily into your pet’s food. You can also give it to your dog in a little yogurt or applesauce.

You can dissolve Immunocal in liquid, but it takes a little patience. The powder is so fine, it floats on the top. Carefully mixing it and letting it sit about 15 minutes helps it to dissolve. Immunotec has a small hand mixer and shaker cups for sale to help make the process easier.

Whatever you do, don’t put Immunocal in the blender or heat it. It will cause the whey protein to lose its effectiveness. And keep any unused Immunocal powder in an air-tight container to prevent oxidation.

Give Your Dog the Gift of Health
– For as Little as 83 Cents a Day!

man''s best friend

There are many things that drag your dog’s immune system down and make him sick. But there’s only one thing that can optimize his immune system and give him a longer, healthier life…

… Immunocal.

Immunocal is only available through Immunotec – the company who created the supplement – or through an Immunotec distributor, like myself.

Each box contains 30 packets of the Immunocal whey protein powder. The price? Just $99 per box.

Yeah, I know that might sound expensive, but just hold on for a moment. Let me show you how far one box can go, so you can see what you’re really spending…

==> A dog that weighs less than 20 lbs gets 1 tsp or 1.5 grams (1/4 pack) of Immunocal a day. That means, one box lasts approximately four months. So you can optimize your dog’s health for just $24.75 a month – or 83 cents a day. It’s hard to find even bottled water cheaper than that.

==> If your dog weighs between 20 – 50 lbs, he gets 2 tsp or 3 grams (1/3 pack) of Immunocal a day. One box should last about three months, costing you just $33 a month, or $1.10 a day. You probably spend more than that on coffee.

==> A dog that weighs more than 50 lbs, gets 3 tsp or 4.5 grams (1/2 pack) of Immunocal a day. That means, one box would last around two months. You shell out only $49.50 a month, or $1.65 a day. Compare that to your potential vet bills, and it’s a screaming bargain.

When you break it down that way, Immunocal is very affordable. You can even give it to a healthy dog to keep his immune system working properly – potentially helping him avoid sickness and disease.

Now I should mention that you can give a very sick dog more than one dose of Immunocal daily – to give his glutathione levels an extra boost and stimulate the immune system to work faster. So you would end up using up the box quicker. But isn’t saving your dog’s health worth it?

Why Wait?
Order Immunocal Now
– And Give Your Dog the Gift of Health

Ordering from the Immunotec site is safe and secure. Plus, your order is protected by a 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do not see a difference in your dog’s health – if he’s not healthier and more energetic than he has been in a long time – you can return all unused and unopened Immunocal within 30 days for a full refund, less any shipping costs. Simply contact me to request a RA number and refund address.

So why wait? Click here to go to the Immunotec website to order Immunocal for your canine friend today. And give him the building blocks he needs for a strong immune system… amped up healing power… and good health.

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