Simple But Powerful Abdomen Program Which Include Exercise And Diet

Simple But Powerful Abdomen Program Which Include Exercise And Diet

Be disciplined and then follow these instructions:

Physical Activity

Make no mistakes, crunches you will literally melt the fat off your stomach, but to a certain extent, as well as many other exercises help in losing excess calories. When it comes to removing fat in the stomach, is certainly the most effective cardio workout. So do not miss this item when you start with a program that we have proposed. Cardio training can consist of continuous brisk walking or jogging for 30 to 60 minutes. Work out at the pace at which you can normally talk to, without losing your breath. General recommendations for the most effective abs workout is that you should always do separate exercises for the upper and lower abdominal muscles, as you did for the other muscle groups of the upper body, with a similar number of repetitions. If you do so, when the upper muscles get tired, you will go to exercise for lower and thus save time, but also increase.

abdomen of men and women
You can start by doing two basic exercises for the abdominal muscles:
  • raising the upper body and
  • raising the leg.

If you are too busy with work and do not have much time to practice, it is best to do sit-ups in the morning. Get up a little early and before breakfast, do three sets of 20 short abdominal contractions with a break of 30 seconds between sets. Followed by a minute of rest and three sets of 15 contractions lifting your legs, but this time break between sets should be higher (40 seconds). If the first time you train, the way to a flat stomach will be a little steeper. No use, however, many worry! Simply place the headset and the iPod in ears, find the nearest trail, meadow or a gym with cardio equipment and start to train. The most effective exercise is to start slowly legwork continuously without change of pace and direction of movement and for 30 to 60 minutes. To start running three to four times a week.

For days when you do not use the standard training run sit-ups: do 4 sets of 20 short abdominal contractions (lying on the floor mat or bench …) with a break of 45 to 60 seconds between sets, and two series of endurance with your feet 10 inches from the under . Endurance should last 30 to 60 seconds.

Change your diet

Eat more frequently – three medium meals, plus two or three snacks a day should be a regime that will appreciate it if you want a flat stomach.

Nocturnal habits – When you wake up at three am often confuse thirst with hunger. Instead they intend to empty fridge, drink a glass of water. Crunches will thank you

Eat Breakfast – People who always eat breakfast have less appetite for the rest of the day.

Do not eat fat – burgers, fries and the like: no way! Thanks to these foods your stomach will only continue to grow, especially if we bear in mind that the fat that comes from this kind of food stationed in the central part of the body!

Green Tea – Studies have shown that drinking two to four cups of green tea speeds up your metabolism for 4 to 10 percent, thanks to an antioxidant called EGCG.

Protein – your body “does not work” on the carbs, but protein. Look to enter 80-90 grams of protein per day.

Peppers – The faster your metabolism, the faster you will remove fat from the abdomen. Studies have shown that hot peppers can speed up your metabolism, so in moderate amounts can be added as a supplement to other meals.

Water – The stomach is actually puffs because they do not drink enough water and tea.

Yogurt – If you drink a cup of yogurt a day can avoid bloating, which will make your stomach will be flatter. Avoid soda, creating bubbles in the stomach, and sweetened juices.

Fiber – Foods rich in fiber (fruits and vegetables) is indeed very effective when it comes to removing fat deposits from the abdomen. You should enter 25 grams a day, but periodically to avoid bloating.