Nourishing Snacks For Dieting – Tasty Munchies That Are Trouble-free And Enjoyable

Nourishing Snacks For Dieting – Tasty Munchies That Are Trouble-free And Enjoyable

With so many temptations around us, eating healthy–even though we know we really should–can seem to be a difficult proposition. Many people who have begun their weight loss journey, find that it is not eating a well balanced, healthy meal that is difficult, but it is the allure of snacks between those meals that can easily derail weight loss goals.

Snacking is usually what prevents people from shedding extra weight. Cakes, cookies, potato chips, and other fat laden snack foods prove to be too enticing for the dieter. For weight loss to be successful, these temptations should be avoided and replaced with healthy snacks.

Five healthy Snacks for Weight Loss.

The first is popcorn. Most people assume that popcorn is loaded with salt. The popcorn that is sold at the local theater is very salty and contributes to this perception. You can purchase popcorn that is salt and sugar free. It is a perfect snack for those who wish to lose lose weight because of its high fiber and low caloric content. It is important that you read the label before purchasing popcorn to ensure that it is low in sodium and fat.

The second healthy option is almonds. Nuts have a high fat content. The best kind of almonds to buy are ones that contain mono-saturated fats. While triglyceride fats are detrimental to your health, mono-saturated fats can actually reverse the damage done to your arteries by unhealthy fats.

Beef Jerky is the third tasty snack. Whether or not beef jerky is healthy or not is dependent upon where it was purchased. You should avoid buying the high sodium jerky from the grocery store and visit your local health food store, as theirs is much better for you. A serving, or one ounce, of beef jerky should contain: 80 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 12 grams of protein. For people looking to shed some pounds, it is a very healthy snack.

Fourth on our list is apples. This particular snack is synonymous with weight loss. It cannot be over emphasized how vital it is to eat an apple every day. Apples are filling, because of their high water content, and fulfills one of the five fruits and vegetable servings you need to eat each day.

Our final healthy snack option are smoothies. Smoothies are one of the most satisfying and delectable healthy snacks. Loaded with lots of fruit, a smoothie can also act as a meal replacement. One fruit smoothie should be only be about 300 calories, which makes it a great in between meal snack. Smoothies are beneficial because they are well balanced and often contain protein, dairy, fruit, and fiber. It is nutritious and satisfying treat.

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Toy may also want to know hot to make beef jerky as beef jerky is an incredible healthy snack.